The Weakest Link and Cyber Renaissance

Crisis related to COVID-19 is of course concerning but more disturbing is the fact that some people still experience significant challenges adjusting to this new circumstance and following the orders. By choosing leaders in communities, cities or a countries, we form implied social agreement that we will follow their orders without questioning them.

I am not surprised that people hold on to their right to feel offended and impose their own views and ideas on what is the best for all based on their own needs. We were encouraged to think independently and make our own choices. We were also told that our voices will be heard. The problem is that not everyone is at the same level of conciseness and this approach led to internal chaos both, at the individual and societal. People feel confused and betrayed and to keep them calm governments bribe them.

When we look at the normal distribution or bell curve we can clearly see that there are only 2% of people who are able to raise above their animalistic nature, be driven by higher purpose and poses knowledge that assist them in leading masses without fear. They know that the answer to the future lies in the past. But the chain is as week as its weakest link. Masses choose leaders that are at their own level of conciseness because it is convenient: “I will choose the leader that will satisfy me immediate needs.” Striving for self-actualization means going out of the comfort zone and by definition it is an uncomfortable process but necessary for survival. Countries and cities grow as they expand power and influence but they can easily fall if lose control over their citizens’ declining morals and the rise of greed, pride, envy, and lust.

As I mentioned in my previous article, we are climbing the sine wave of history. The process is unpleasant but there is a promise of the world where people leave in harmony with nature, societies are led by educated and skilled leaders and people practice self-control.

We are entering the new age of enlightenment – a cyber renaissance.