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Dr. Ewa J. Antczak

Psychologist, Ph.D., C.Psych.


Founder of Ideal Me Program | Psychologist | Cogmed Qualified Practice

Dr. Ewa is an experienced educational psychologist with twenty years of practice. She has assisted over 15,000 individuals through her work in a local school board and her thriving private practice, which she established in 2017. Since then, Core Centre received several awards and recognitions. Dr. Ewa is a Director of the IdealMe Enrichment Foundation – a non-for-profit organization that provides leadership and positive changes in the continued promotion of excellence through education, technology, art, as well as development of emotional intelligence and well-being. In addition to her work in psychology, Dr. Ewa serves as the CEO of Felixa, a groundbreaking generative AI platform dedicated to supporting the mental health of gamers. Throughout her career, Dr. Ewa has contributed as a member and advisor to multiple organizations, such as Resilient Kids Canada and the Ontario Psychological Association's Section on Psychology in Education (SecPe). She has held position as a Chair of the Learning Disability Intensive Support Programing Committee, and has contributed her insights to the Learning Disability Programming Recommendations Committee, as well as the Alternative Curriculum and Assistive Technology Committees at TCDSB. For several years, Dr. Ewa has been involved with the pre-doctoral psychology internship consortium, offering guidance and supervision to practicum and internship students. Before coming to Canada, Dr. Ewa worked in the academic setting at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, where she conducted research on the conscious and subconscious mechanisms behind altering negative attitudes and behaviors. She was teaching courses on Psychology of Personality, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Emotion and Motivation, and Statistics. Dr. Ewa is an author and co-author of numerous research papers, articles and books delving into the intricate realms of psychopathology, as well as emotion and behaviour regulation.
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