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Gifted Assessment

Core Centre provides a very comprehensive Gifted Assessment. Are you still confused about Gifted Testing? Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that can help understand the program.

What Is A Gifted Program?

Gifted Programs are designed to provide a more challenging educational curriculum for exceptionally bright students who meet very specific criteria for placement in such a program. These programs tend to focus on expanding the traditional curriculum, rather than teaching above grade level. Critical thinking skills and specific concentration on abstract reasoning skills are often emphasized in the Gifted classroom. Programs vary from school to school, from part time to full time and in some instances specific schools are designated as gifted centers. A parent may have the choice as to which type of program best suits their child. Since gifted programs fall under the umbrella of Exceptional Student Education, each student who is eligible for placement receives an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), specifically designed to meet the needs of that student.

Who Qualifies For Placement In A Gifted Program?

Any student who meets or exceeds established standards for eligibility will be considered for placement in a gifted program. The ultimate decision for placement rests with the school- based committee who reviews all test data and anecdotal information available on the child. Currently the standards include a Full Scale IQ Score of 130 or above, Academic Achievement scores in Math and/or Reading at the 90%ile or above and demonstration of gifted qualities on a teacher- completed gifted checklist. In certain instances where minority students or where English is not the primary language spoken in the home, a special “matrix” may be utilized, giving different weight to the various gifted criteria.

How Do I Know If My Child Is “Gifted”?

All children have a profile of relative strengths and weaknesses. While not always the case, many intellectually gifted youngsters show an early interest in learning, tend to grasp new concepts easily and show a curiosity about a variety of topics. Oftentimes such youngsters are easily bored if not sufficiently stimulated by their environment. Early interest in Reading or Math is not necessarily an indicator of giftedness, nor are straight A’s in school in and of themselves. The classroom teacher or pre-school teacher is often a good judge of “giftedness” as they have the opportunity to observe your child over time in relation to the many other students they have worked with. At the same time, some teachers have a built-in bias against the concept of giftedness as it has been so widely overused.

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