Gifted Assessment

Core Centre provides a comprehensive Gifted Assessment.

If you suspect your child is gifted, testing will allow you to understand child’s specific learning needs, including strengths and weaknesses. By identifying giftedness early on, it’s more likely that your child’s giftedness will be developed into talents. The best time to test gifted children is between the ages of 4 and 8.

Testing may also help your child get placed into a gifted program, in order to further develop strengths and learn to manage or improve weaknesses. Most school boards in Ontario offer gifted programs in Grade 4.

How the process looks like:

  • Before the first session, we will send you a background questionnaire to complete prior to the assessment.
  • Identification usually involves completing a psychoeducational assessment. This includes the use of a standardized cognitive measure, such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), which measures intellectual capacity based on ability.
  • This is followed up with a test based on achievement, such as the WIAT-III test, which determines whether what your child is capable of matches what they actually do.
  • A possible third test screens for behaviour and emotional functioning—but this is not always required for admission into a gifted program.
  • Your final report will be reviewed with you to explain the results and answer any further questions you may have.


The main goal of the assessment is to identify child’s areas of strengths and weakness. The results from the assessment assist in developing the right programming for your child. To learn more about benefits of a psycho-educational/gifted assessment please visit:

You may book your initial consultation session with a registered psychologist here: After booking your appointment you will receive a receipt and you will be asked to fill out the intake form:

Our services are reimbursable through most workplace benefits and are tax deductible. It is recommended to confirm with your insurer information related to your coverage and requirements.


Assessments are conducted partially on-line (consultation and feedback sessions) and in-person (testing). For in-person appointments we screen clients over the phone before scheduling or confirming appointments for any symptoms and travel history that may be related to COVID-19.

Clients are also asked to fill out the screening questionnaire:

Assessments are delivered with the examiner and examinee facing each other through a Plexiglas screen. When possible assessment stimuli are displayed on a iPad or computer monitor located to the right of the Client. Otherwise, they are presented from as per standardized procedures. Both the examiner and examinee are wearing personal protective equipment (i.e., cloth face masks) as per Core Centre Inc. policy.