Patricia R. Nelson

Co-founder and Senior Lawyer at Nelson Mehta Family Law

I've worked with Dr. Antczak when she's helped children of my family law clients. She's a consummate professional and her assistance and connection with the children involved was invaluable! What an informative and enlightening segment - thank you to both of you. Stay safe, healthy and positive!


I attended IdealMe for Parents and I highly recommend for everyone, not only the parents. Fantastic workshop organized by Dr. Ewa Antaczak where I have learned about kids behaviors and also about myself.


I attended the IdealMe Parent session entitled "How to raise successful children" and absolutely recommend it to any parent, caregiver and anyone working with children. Attending the workshop provided me with a greater perspective and understanding of childhood development and key factors in raising successful children. I recommend this program anyone, it is so great!

Parent of 16 years old

I’d like to recommend CORE Centre Dr. Ewa J. Antczak & Associates’s workshop to all parents. I attended one of them on May 25th. Dr. Ewa J. Antczak’s presentation about positive parenting was very informative. Interesting discussions with real-life examples, questions and answers followed it after final, motivational video. Worth to take part in the next session!

Gianpierro, 14

IdealMe program is the best! I learned to use common sense and use good manners all the time.

Mark, 17

The most important thing I learned from the IdealMe program, is how to make a good first impression. When I smile and shake peoples hands, I feel that they like me more and they respect me.

Cathy, 13

During the IdealMe program, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. Now I can accept myself as a person and be proud of myself. It really changed me... Thanks.

Kim, 12

I learned how to be friendly, likeable and how to deal with my emotions. Thank you guys...

Chris, 10

I Love IdealMe. It was so much fun!

Parent of the 15 year old.

Daniel really loved the IdealMe program. He wants to do it again soon.

Parent of the 14 year old

My daughter came home very happy from the IdealMe program. She was motivated and inspired by all speeches and presentations.

Grateful Parent

Max says it was awesome, I wish I had such opportunity to learn about overcoming my own fears and extending my comfort zone when I was a shy teenage girl... would have been easier back then!