At The Table with Larissa

At The Table with Larissa, from Listen to the interview here:

Intro: Dr. Ewa Antczak, is a paediatric psychologist who is focusing on helping children with her incredible facility in Mississauga, Ontario, at Core Center Psychological Services. She is the creator of TALK2ALEX. It is an app that helps children emotionally talk about their feelings. It is really making waves. She is on several committees and works for the Toronto Board of Education. She is also the creator of the IDEAL ME PROGRAM. We talk about the physical signs and the mental signs of phone addiction and behaviour that needs to be treated immediately. We talk about how Europe is socializing a little differently from North Amercia and postulate at why there is still such a central focus on families eating together and making each other a priority. She leaves parents with 4 tips to help talk to our children.