Core Centre is a well-established practice that provides assessments, workshops and consultations for youth, their parents and various professionals. Clients can be referred by a physician, or can also self-refer. Our goal is to provide clients with immediate access to psychological services that are of the highest quality. We offer flexible times for appointments and only employ the most highly trained professionals. Our services are reimbursable through many extended healthcare plans and are tax deductible. Give us a call at 647.515.4357 and book a visit. It can change your life.

Discover the secrets to Academic, Emotional, and Social Success through 3 simple steps!

 ✅ Boost Your Academic Skills: Get the tools and strategies you need to excel in your studies, making academic success your new norm.
 ✅ Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence: Learn to navigate the complexities of emotions, building resilience, and fostering positive relationships.
 ✅ Master Social Skills: Develop the confidence and charm to thrive in social settings, both in and out of the classroom.

Through engaging games, thought-provoking discussions, and exciting activities, you'll discover your unique strengths and identify areas for improvement.

What You Can Expect:


As a bonus, receive a FREE e-book:
"Supercharge Your Learning: The Ultimate Guide to Academic Success"


Have questions? Email us at or call: 647-515-4357 to secure your spot today!

What our participants say?

“High school life just got a whole lot cooler thanks to the IdealMe Workshop...” Mark, 16

“With practical tools and epic emotional intelligence, this workshop is the secret weapon every student needs..." Maya, 15