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Ideal Me For Youths | Become Better Self

An interactive one day training will help you see yourself as others see you.

  • Who? Youth ages 10-18.
  • Why? You become successful when your attitude reflects success.
  • How? Now you can learn to tap into your latent power and unleash your inner qualities of confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Where? 220 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga.
  • More… Participants will practice recognizing and regulating their feelings, solving problems through role-plays, group activities, speeches, and projects.


  • Gain the skills and confidence to increase your emotional and social competencies with peers, teachers, and family.
  • Gain Self-Awareness to use in a realistic understanding of your strengths and limitations.
  • Enjoy Social-Awareness with new capacity to interact with others in a way that shows respect for their ideas and behaviors, and effectively uses cooperation and tolerance to manage social situations.
  • Acquire Relationship Skills by promote and encouraging positive connections with others.
  • Improve Communication Skills to connect with different people and effectively influence their behaviors.


  • Recognize and use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.
  • Be more likeable, friendlier and respected.
  • Appear more confident and powerful.
  • Strengthen your relationships through better communication.
  • Cope with criticism and negative emotions in a diplomatic and tactful way. Develop positive thinking style.
  • Instantly improve your mood.
  • Develop leadership skills and assertiveness techniques that will help you stand up for yourself.


The seats are limited. Psychological services are covered by workplace benefits and are tax deductible.

Guests, Speakers & Presenters

Dr Ewa J. Antczak

Training on Developing Attitude of Success And Leadership Skills

Founder of Ideal Me Program. School psychologist with many years of experience. She is an author of several research papers, books and articles that are related to leadership and attitude change. She has presented at many conferences, professional development sessions, workshops and trainings for youths, their parents and other professional. Dr. Ewa J. Antczak is a member of Section on Psychology in Education (SecPe). She is a member of the Learning Disability Intensive Support Programing Committee, and a Learning Disability Programming Recommendations Committee, as well as an Alternative Curriculum and Assistive Technology Committees at TCDSB. Dr. Antczak developed and implements the IDEAL ME program for youth and she was nominated to the Mary Neville Award for her contributions to child and youth mental health in the areas of prevention and early intervention.

Brian Crombie

Social Capital - Community and the Power of Co

Brian Crombie is currently CFO of the Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Team and previously worked as CFO for Biovail and PurGenesis and in finance for: The Jim Pattison Group, The Molson Companies and The Walt Disney Company. Brian was the founder and co-chair of the Mississauga and Western GTA Summits, is Chair of the Board of Transit Alliance and is Past President of the Mississauga Arts Council. He has lots of experience in politics at all three levels of government and in community and charitable organizations. Brian has an HBA (Ivey), MBA (Harvard) and working on a DBA (ISM). His topic is Social Capital. Brian speaks on this research in an inspirational instructional talk: Community and the Power of Co.

Urszula Urac

M. Ed., OCT, Ideal Me Educational Outreach Coordinator

Teacher with a Master's of Education Degree from the University of Toronto. She has fifteen years experience working with students as a teacher, coach, mentor, and has organized many extra-curricular events at the school and Board level. She also is a pageant enthusiast and has recently won the title of Mrs. Canada Globe 2018. This has given her a platform to continue her message, from an Educator's perspective, for youth to feel empowered, focus on themselves rather than judging others, and ultimately to be their best self.

Amal Benoit

Mindfulness. How it can help with anxiety and stress by carefully observing your thoughts and feelings without judging them good or bad.

Amal Benoit, is the owner of Arts of Wellness, is a Registered Psychotherapist and Reiki Master. He has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families within children's mental health agencies, and also has over 5 years of experience providing energy therapy to clients. Amal believes that each individual has the power to heal themselves. He combines customized Western interventions with mindfulness and energy work to create a holistic healing practice with a “whole being” approach. All practices instill a sense of inner peace and bring conscious awareness of the connection between body, mind and soul. Amal’s intention when working with individuals and families is for them to take back their innate power to heal themselves with the tools that they posses.

My School ROCKS

Student Wellness Through Music

After lunch there will be a Presentation by My School Rocks - a youth charity promoting student wellness through music! Anthony Kolozetti and Cliff Callaway are the founders and Executive Directors of MySchoolROCKS. They are a registered Canadian charity dedicated to helping students and their families initiate positive dialogue focusing on the timely issue of their mental health. Harnessing the synergy between music, education and wellness, they inspire students to embrace well-being and inclusivity through the power of music! MySchoolROCKS envisions transformational change at the school level by mentoring youth to manage negative situations in healthy ways. Their Rock OUT assembly, wellness workshops and hands-on music instruction tap into emotional intelligence emphasizing mindfulness, empathy and inclusivity.

Tracy Schmitt

Unstoppable Tracy

Extraordinary leader, author, humanitarian volunteer, disability advocate, decorated athlete and motivational speaker, the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt inspires others to think that anything is possible. Born a 4-way amputee, she has climbed mountains in Nepal, captained 110-foot-tall ships in the Eastern Atlantic, and won a bronze medal in alpine downhill para-skiing. Tracy doesn’t just talk high performance in business, she lives it as corporate consultant providing numerous training programs for businesses outperforming the stock market. Featured on CBC, NBC, and in Oprah Magazine, Tracy has shared her story as Quest for the Gold World Cup Sailor and is a bestselling author of the book ‘Unstoppable You.” She is the winner of the 2017 Robert W. Jackson Award, a 2017 Ontario Premier Awards Nominee and a 2018 Women of Essence Global Award Nominee. Tracy holds an MBA from Rotman School of Management, a BEd from Queen’s University, a BRLS from Brock University, and a BA from York University.

What Our Attendees Say

  • Parent of 16 years old
    I’d like to recommend CORE Centre Dr. Ewa J. Antczak & Associates’s workshop to all parents. I attended one of them on May 25th. Dr. Ewa J. Antczak’s presentation about positive parenting was very informative. Interesting discussions with real-life examples, questions and answers followed it after final, motivational video. Worth to take part in the next session!
    Parent of 16 years old
  • Gianpierro, 14
    Ideal Me program is the best! I learned to use common sense and use good manners all the time.
    Gianpierro, 14
  • Mark, 17
    The most important thing I learned from the IDEAL ME program, is how to make a good first impression. When I smile and shake peoples hands, I feel that they like me more and they respect me.
    Mark, 17
  • Cathy, 13
    During the Ideal Me program, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. Now I can accept myself as a person and be proud of myself. It really changed me... Thanks.
    Cathy, 13
  • Kim, 12
    I learned how to be friendly, likeable and how to deal with my emotions. Thank you guys...
    Kim, 12
  • Chris, 10
    I Love Ideal Me. It was so much fun!
    Chris, 10
  • Parent of the 15 year old.
    Daniel really loved the Ideal Me program. He wants to do it again soon.
    Parent of the 15 year old.
  • Parent of the 14 year old
    My daughter came home very happy from the IDEAL ME program. She was motivated and inspired by all speeches and presentations.
    Parent of the 14 year old
  • Grateful Parent
    Max says it was awesome, I wish I had such opportunity to learn about overcoming my own fears and extending my comfort zone when I was a shy teenage girl... would have been easier back then!
    Grateful Parent


Contact us in confidence. All your requests will be handled with the utmost importance and will be answered at the first opportunity. Our services are reimbursable through many extended health plans and tax deductible.
Dr. Ewa J. Antczak & Associates

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