The CORE HELPLINE acknowledges that your privacy is very important. We take care to maintain client confidentiality in accordance with Counselling and Psychotherapy guidelines. These guidelines serve to protect your confidential material and ensure the integrity and professionalism of your Counsellor.

Fair Collection use of personal information

The CORE HELPLINE will only collect information that is considered necessary for the effectiveness of telephone counselling and coaching. All information will be stored in a secure file in order to keep a record of your sessions. These files can only be accessed by the Counsellor and no one else. Furthermore:

Use and Disclosure

The The CORE HELPLINE may ask for and collect information that is necessary for the outcome of positive telephone sessions. The use of information is to provide the best possible service to the client, to be there as a support, to protect the safety and well being of the individual client.

The The CORE HELPLINE will only disclose personal information if necessary; if the person either Counsellor or client is at risk of harm; if there is a suspected case of child abuse or alleged child abuse, known or suspected case of adult or elder abuse, or if there is a threat to self harm.


The The CORE HELPLINE will provide an anonymous service where you will have the option of being able to use another name for the purpose of telephone counselling. You may use a name you feel comfortable with, the choice is up to the individual client.