IdealMe | Enrichment Workshop for Professionals (3)

IdealMe | Enrichment Workshop for Professionals (3)


IdealMe is an evidence-based program that gives individuals the skills they need to discover their self-worth, confidence and awareness of strengths and weaknesses. It helps to increase emotional, cognitive and social competencies. IdealMe offers the highest return on your investment. It is covered by workplace benefits and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and your employees.


This workshop is designed for professionals to improve their well-being, boost performance and maintain healthy balance between work and family life.


This workshop focuses on the following key areas that are critical for continued success:

  • Self-Awareness: understanding of your strengths and limitations and consistent desire for self- improvement.
  • Social-Awareness: capacity to interact with others in a way that shows respect for their ideas and behaviors, recognize your impact on them, and use cooperation and tolerance in social situations.
  • Interpersonal Skill Development: Effectively adapt your behaviours and attitudes to be able to connect with people of different styles and cultures.
  • Communication Skills: How to communicate with diplomacy and tact.
  • Creative Thinking: develop effective learning and problem-solving skills.
  • Cognitive Competencies: attention and working memory skills training (additional fee).


During the program you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and use your strengths to overcome weaknesses.
  • Improve your relationships through better communication.
  • Maximize your ability to effectively learn and apply your knowledge in any situation.
  • Recognize and isolate obstacles that inhibit you from achieving your full potential.
  • Develop a positive thinking style.
  • Maximize your efficiency without compromising your happiness and contentment.
  • Be more likable and respected.
  • Appear to be more confident.
  • Cope with criticism and negative emotions in a diplomatic and tactful way.
  • Instantly feel better.


This interactive workshop will help you to see yourself as others see you. You will participate in various activities such as role-playing, discussions, brainstorming, mindfulness, games and self-improvement through creative expressions.

  • We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to help you understand how to develop a positive attitude in important aspects of your life.
  • We will help you to enhance your existing strengths and maximize your qualities and abilities to achieve everlasting success.
  • You will learn assertiveness techniques that will help you react to unexpected and stressful situations.
  • You will practice recognizing and regulating your feelings, solve problems in a constructive way and improve your self-advocacy skills.
  • You will increase effectiveness of acquiring new knowledge and information from all sources of communication, such as electronic media, books, inter- and intrapersonal experiences.
  • You will develop perceptual data-mining, by proper and effective filtering of the relevant content from the abundance of information.
  • You will enhance and maintain your skills by the use of innovative technologies such as AI and VR.

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IdealMe | Enrichment Workshop for Professionals (3) $10

IdealMe | Enrichment Workshop for Professionals (3)

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Oct 19 2019 - Oct 26 2019


10:30 am - 11:30 am


$10.00 for each session
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Dr. Ewa Antczak


Dr. Ewa Antczak

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