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Consultation Services

Psychological consultations provide a wide range of consulting services. We also offer training and workshops for parents and teachers.

As parents, we want our children to be healthy, happy, and successful. We want them to grow, to acquire new skills and knowledge, to discover their special gifts and talents, and to form gratifying relationships with others. Human development, however, does not always proceed in a simple and consistent manner. All children go through stages of internal conflict which might lead to changes in behaviour and emotional state. Some children have trouble coping with transitions, family changes (e.g. a birth of a sibling, a divorce), traumatic events, losses, and physical illness. At times, normal development may be blocked or thwarted due to a developmental, neurological, or psychological disorder. When parents become concerned, they often refer to parenting books and magazines. While a wealth of information can be gained through such resources, they will not always be able to explain what is happening to your specific child. Understanding the child’s experiences, their feelings and thoughts, is the first step towards helping them. If you want to gain an insight into why your child has certain difficulties and how to help them, you might consider consulting with a licensed child psychologist or licensed child psychotherapist. Children’s difficulties are often related to the family dynamics, maladaptive patterns of communication and/or the parents’ relationship as a couple. To address these larger contexts, we also offer family therapy and marriage counselling as well as individual adult therapy.

After an initial consultation, a child psychologist or a child therapist may suggest psychological evaluation to determine the underlying causes of the observed behaviour. Our psychological testing services include social-emotional assessments, autism assessments (incl. Asperger’s), and psycho educational testing (incl. ADHD testing and learning disabilities testing). Based on the results of psychological testing, we may choose to address a child’s issues through cognitive-behavioural therapy, play therapy, family therapy, or relational psychodynamic therapy.

Dr. Ewa J. Antczak & Associates

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