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Cogmed JM (Pre-School)

Cogmed JM is for pre-school children – its training design is identical to our original program for children, Cogmed RM, but features a new interface especially designed for younger children, ages 4-6. Cogmed JM requires participation for 10-15 minutes every weekday for five weeks. The software guides the child through several rotating exercises each day. The exercises become more difficult in small steps, as the child’s ability to handle them improves.

To help parents motivate their children and provide them with feedback, the program includes support from a Cogmed Coach at a Cogmed Qualified Practice. Aside from a home computer with an internet connection, speakers, and a mouse, no additional accessories are required.

Cogmed Working Memory Training® improves attention

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a solution for individuals who are held back by their working memory capacity. That means several large groups: children and adults with attention deficits or learning disorders, victims of brain injury or stroke, and adults experiencing information overload or the natural effects of aging. Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. By training your working memory, you will be better able to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks.

Weak working memory is experienced as attention problems and causes poor academic and professional performance.

There is no mystery behind Cogmed training effects – this is how it works

The Cogmed program delivers substantial and lasting benefits. There is a straightforward and research-based explanation for the mechanisms delivering the effects.

Very focused design – working memory improvement
The program challenges the trainee’s working memory capacity. The computerized, cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to target this key cognitive function that has been proven to be fundamental to executive function and attention. The details of the exercise design allow the program to be very focused and yet provide slight variations,

Finely tuned difficulty level – you are always challenged
The difficulty level of the training is adjusted in real time by the software based on the trainee’s performance. The highly fine-tuned calibration means that every Cogmed trainee will always be training at the very edge of his or her cognitive capacity. This is true for many people, from a young child with severely impaired capacity, to an adult in good cognitive shape. Whoever you are, Cogmed training will challenge your brain – and improve it.

Highly personal support ensures you will complete the training
The program is carefully designed, rigorous, and focused on a key cognitive function. But to have strong real life effects, it also has to be used in the right way. This is why Cogmed training is always supported by a Cogmed-trained coach. The coach makes sure the trainee has the right profile for the training, and that the timing is right. The coach is responsible for providing the motivation, support, and feedback necessary to get the most out the training. Thanks to the Cogmed coaches, 90% of Cogmed trainees complete their training.

The improved working memory “generalizes” to behavior

This is the research breakthrough that created and propels Cogmed. When you improve your working memory capacity, the change generalizes to your behavior. In other words, the change is translated to other things than just working memory. The research breakthrough is that by training a tightly defined cognitive function you create a cascading effect of improvements. You will be better able to pay attention, resist distractions, self-manage, and learn.

You should not just take our word for this; review the research behind Cogmed and talk to one of the highly experienced professionals who use Cogmed to help their clients prepare for success. Ask the hard questions and find out for yourself how it works.

Working memory capacity determines your cognitive performance. Cogmed training improves your working memory. Your strengthened working memory allows you to perform better. The training creates the cognitive foundation you need to prepare for success.

Dr. Ewa J. Antczak & Associates

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