IdealMe Session with University Students

Dr. Antczak run the idealMe session with University students from Ontario to discuss ways to improve mental health and academic functioning during COVID-19. Students found […]

Dr. Ewa J. Antczak at First Name Basis Interview

Dr. Ewa J. Antczak had the pleasure of introducing her App, TALK2ALEX, to Dr. Ashok Bhattacharya and Emily Bhattacharya on their show First Name Basis. […]

Anxiety. Parents and Children.

There is a high likelihood that anxious adults will pass their anxious chemistry to their children. But don’t panic. This is not a death wish […]

Core Centre Inc. COVID-19 Policy

Core Centre Inc. took several steps in order to to reduce the risks of spread of COVID-19 and to protect our Clients and personnel: We […]

At The Table with Larissa

At The Table with Larissa, from Listen to the interview here: Intro: Dr. Ewa Antczak, is a paediatric psychologist who is focusing on […]

We Are The Top Clinic in Mississauga

Core Centre has been nominated as one of the Top 3 Psychologists in Mississauga. The Three Best Rated web site recognizes Dr. Ewa J. Antczak […]

Talk2Alex app. It’s free!

Talk2Alex® app supports Youth’s Mental Health. Talk2Alex® is an interactive, evidence-based app that supports and educates about mental health and well-being. Talk2Alex® provides science-based activities […]

Talk2Alex app. Try it!

Talk2Alex® app supports Youth’s Mental Health. Talk2Alex® is an interactive, evidence-based app that supports and educates about mental health and well-being. Talk2Alex® provides science-based activities […]

Youth Day Global 2020

YOUTH DAY 2020. Global incredible event. We’re so proud to be part of it! #corecentre #corecentreonline #idealme #idealmefoundation #talk2alex #idealmeenrichment #idealmeenrichmentfoundation #drewaantczak #drantczak #psychology […]

How to Support and Empower the Child that Struggles

Dr. Ewa J. Antczak was interviewed to the eLearning course titled: “Learning Disabilities Explained: How To Support and Empower the Child That Struggles” designed and […]

Los Profesionales con Alfredo Jimenez with Dr. Ewa J. Antczak


Kids And The Pandemic

Mental health is a very important, yet not discussed enough face of the COVID-19 crisis. I talk to Dr. Ewa Antczak, a child psychologist, who […]

We Are Hiring!

I am putting in place 3 new platforms to support mental health: : Talk2Alex (app for youth), online counselling for free (through IdealMe Enrichment Foundation) […]

The Weakest Link and Cyber Renaissance

Crisis related to COVID-19 is of course concerning but more disturbing is the fact that some people still experience significant challenges adjusting to this new […]

Parenting In Isolation

Few weeks ago, we were asked to work and learn from home. For some of us it is a new experience and it can be […]

Brian Crombie with Dr. Ewa J. Antczak on Dealing with Stress Because of COVID-19


Climbing Sine Wave of History

When we look at the human history we can notice that historical eras form a pattern marked by periodic incline and decline of societal, political, […]

Thoughts on COVID-19

Current situation is difficult for a lot of us due to social isolation, fear of unknown and possible contamination. Objectively speaking, we have no control […]

Core Centre Helpline

Core Centre offers free consultation for first responders and health professionals affected by COVID-19. How it works? Visit: or email: to book your free consultation – up […]

COVID-19. Core Centre Oferuje Konsultacje Telefoniczne

Core Centre oferuje konsultacje telefoniczne oraz spotkania online przez ZOOM lub SKYPE. Aby umówić się na konsultacje proszę wysłać emil na lub zadzwonić na […]

COVID-19. Stress Related Consultations

Core Centre offers online and tele-counselling for individuals affected by stress related to COVID-19. Please contact us at 647-515-4357 or via email: . Read more about […]

A Silent Tragedy

There is a silent tragedy that is developing day after day in our homes and concerns our most precious jewels: our children. Our children are […]

Christmas Angels Concert on Brian Crombie Hour

Thank you so much for Brian Crombie Sauga 960 AM radio for our Christmas Angels Concert coming up on December 7, Saturday Interviewing organizers Ewa […]

Christmas Angels Concert, A Great One!

Beautiful concert with so many wonderful musicians and performers! Incredibly great job Elsa from Dolce de Soleil in organizing the event, together with IdealMe Enrichment […]

Alex, IdealMe Robot

Please welcome Alex, your virtual robo-friend for the IdealMe app!

Koncert Christmas Angels

IdealMe Enrichment Foundation we współpracy z Dolce De Soleil Music i International Film for Peace organizuje koncert Christmas Angels w sobotę 7 grudnia w Oakville […]

Christmas Angels Concert

Christmas Angels Concert. Help To Put A Smile On A Child’s Face This Christmas! In support of the Toy Mountain Campaign with the Salvation Army […]

Great Event! IdealMe at IPF 2019

It was a wonderful event thanks to our outstanding presenters and volunteers! Thank you for being a part of it and witnessing the birth of […]

IdealMe at International Peace Festival

Please join the IdealMe workshop that will take place during the International Peace Festival. Participants will be trained to become a Peace Advocate through engaging […]

Little London Super-Genius Joins Mensa

Next up? junior kindergarten. Are you smarter than a three-year-old? If the tot in question is Henry Venus, probably not. The little Londoner has completed […]

Collision Conference powered by BMO

Innovative ways to support mental health with the use of technology presented at the Collision Conference. It was my honour to join Claudette McGowan – […]

Collision Conference

Dr. Ewa Antczak was invited to join the panel discussion: “Empowering Women and Wellness in the Workplace.” at the Collision Conference alongside Karlyn Percil from […]
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